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What is Beloved?


Beloved is an emerging portrait based photographic genre that celebrates and emphasises the importance of relationship. Blending the visual aesthetic of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism, the Beloved Technique gives photographers a simple way to create meaning-rich, fulfilling and valuable experiences and imagery for those they photograph and themselves.

What is Beloved Collective?


The Beloved Collective community shares the belief that we, as photographers, have the ability to touch the world, one relationship at a time.

BelovedCollective.co serves as home base for the community of photographers integrating Beloved into their photography and business. It keeps you connected with all our latest announcements, tools, resources and events, including the Beloved Field Guides, the Beloved Training Courses and the annual Beloved Collective Festival.

Take a look around and please make yourself at home!


Beloved empowers photographers to:

  • Easily capture photogenic expression, even with reserved or shy people.
  • Deliver a fresh, joy-filled and even thrilling experience to those they photograph.
  • Increase their own confidence and enjoyment in their work.
  • Transform their clients perception of the value of photography.
  • Supercharge word-of-mouth marketing, powerfully expanding their client base.

Beloved enables clients to:

  • Experience heart-warming, genuine interactions.
  • Have a reason to spend time re-discovering each other.
  • Have a second chance to re-feel the first date experience.
  • Share profound moments of connection with each other.
  • Be revitalized with the memory of why they fell in love.
  • Receive images that serve as photographic doors back to that original remembrance experience.

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